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eth Peart (now Weekes) was one of the most popular artists of the late 1970's and though she didn't produce too many horses, the ones she did were beautiful pieces that wowed everyone at any show she went to.

Beth has been out of the hobby since the early '80's and is now married to a great guy named Rob Weekes. They have no kids, but share their home with four cats. Right now she is dividing her time between Toronto, where they live, and her family home in Welland, Ontario. After 14 years, she recently left her job in the public service sector working with mentally challenged adults an has started her own art business. She does acrylic portraits, and mostly Raku pottery.

If you would like to get in touch with Beth, please click on her highlighted name to send email. You can also visit her own website; there you'll be able to see what she's doing in the art world today.

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Top: Rastaman, dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Family Arabian Mare and owned by Beth Peart. This model, customized from the "lowly" Family Arabian Mare, literally blew people's minds at the 1977 Model Horse Congress. It was easily the most drastic remake of its time! Inspired by Gericault's famous painting, "Officer of the Mounted Guard," his teeth were really ivory cut from old piano keys!

Bottom: Touch and Go, chestnut Arabian filly customized from the Breyer Traditional Family Arabian Foal and last owned by Gail Gregor; created in 1977

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