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essica (Saucier Parker) McCune, of Epona Rising Studios, grew up in rural northwest Louisiana. She is a Vet Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art. Her work is beginning to win in live shows and is becoming more in demand. She has ridden horses for her entire life, and currently owns a Saddlebred mare named Darlin'. She is involved in the SCA which is a medieval reeinactment group. She is living in Sherwood, AR as of fall 2006. Jessica can be contacted via email.

The McCune Gallery

Arabians and Part-Arabians

Draft Breeds

Gaited Breeds

Spanish Breeds

Sporthorses and Carriage breeds

Other breeds

Fantasy - Pegasus

Fantasy - Unicorn

Tack, costumes

Photo information

Top: Name unknown Peacock colored Pegacorn, customized from the Breyer Silver with wings by Kathleen Moody. Owned by Bonnie Barnhouse. Created circa 2005.

Top: Name unknown Fresian stallion customized from the Candace Liddy Mulan resin. Created circa 2006.

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