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ana Pace left the hobby in the early 1990's while pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Since graduating from Texas A&M with her DVM in 2000, she has burried herself in her work and family (husband, horses, cats, and dogs). She doesn't have any plans on returning to the world of model horses, but still keeps a few old favortites on her shelves for enjoyment. One favorite is a Julie Froelich Arabian mare, "Merilee". Another favorite is a Rio Rondo cast resin quarter horse, "Roland". She didn't keep any models she did herself as she says she is her own worst critic and would just critique the poor model horse. Her favorite Breyer is Huckleberry Bey (she owns a "real" Arabian gelding who is a close cousin to Huck called "Bay Fyre" who looks just like Huck). Another Breyer favorite is the Icelandic porcelan.

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Dapple grey mare customized from the Breyer Traditional Proud Arabian Mare; created in 1993

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