Purbeck Pottery, based in the United Kingdom, was a bit of an offshoot of Poole Pottery. The following information is provided by Roger Hartley of England and used by permission:

There are very distinct similarities between the Poole Pottery and Purbeck Pottery horse models! There is indeed a very close link. Four senior employees of Poole Pottery decided to set up business on their own on the early 1960s and set up Purbeck Pottery. Robert Jefferson (one of the four) had been design director with Poole Pottery and he and Bruce Sydenham (brother of the late Guy Sydenham - Poole's Master Pottery for several decades) created the Purbeck animals. There was little marketing work carried out and the majority of sales were created simply by placing the models in Purbeck Pottery's shop window. The Purbeck shop still trades on bought-in goods but regrettably their factory has closed, but their animal range was discontinued in the early 1980s and both Robert and Bruce have passed away.

Photos and information by Roger Hartley of England.
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Photo credit above: This is a photo of the Purbeck Pottery Horse; which was produced in a Limited Edition of just 100 items in the 1970s; image provided by Roger Hartley

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