Who hasn't heard of or owned the famous little green Gumby and his faithful pal, Pokey? This pair is still very popular, though they've been around since the 1950's! Of course I always loved Pokey, he's a horse! (Or horse-shaped-object, anyway!) These two are made of bendable rubber, and great for having all-day adventures with (though they didn't quite fit into my brother's Corgi cars too well...). I'm so glad Juanita Snyder sent in this photo so that we could include this lovable critter in the Encyclopedia! If you'd like to see pictures of Gumby and more photos of Pokey, why not visit Gumby's Photo Album!

Left: Large & Small Pokey, shown as "Pokey" and "Pokey Jr.," and owned by Juanita Snyder

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