Standing horse in bay
Made in Hong Kong stamped on inside of L rear leg.  Size: He is 8 1/2" from hoof to good ear and 10" long from nose to tail (when down!). Shown as Walker; owned by Janice Williford. Thoughts and descriptions: He looks similar to the Family Arabian Stallion mold by Breyer. His tail moves up and down, and my husband believes it used to coil a spring, which then caused the legs to move.  The legs are separate from the body and held together up inside the horse. You can see mechanical gears and metal bars, and it is all encased in a metal box inside the horse. He doesn't work at this time, but my husband and I are going to take him apart and see if he can be fixed.  I have never seen a horse like this. I surfed several ideas on the net, but haven't come up with anything yet. He looks to be the age of the Marx horses, and is made from that type plastic.  He has tri-colored eyes! Pretty unique. Web user left the following comment: The one that looks like a mechanized FAS knockoff was from the Planet of the Apes line. Several in the hobby know them as the FrankenFAS.

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