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aige Easley Patty, of Hanblechia, started collecting model horses back in 1973, and started showing and customizing in 1976 after recieving an issue of "Just About Horses" that same year. Opening her studio to custom work in 1978, she originally worked in oil paints, switching to airbrushed acrylics in 1984. That same year she completed her first major original sculpture in ceramic. With her first resin release in 1996 she soon left customizing plastics behind in favor of painting artists resins and has repeatedly had am impact on the Hobby with innovative techniques and materials by using combinations of airbrushed acrylics, dry pastels, colored pencils, exacto knife etching.

More recently Paige has re-entered the world of equine ceramics with the purchase of a kiln in 2003, jumping into custom glazing. In 2004 she released her first all ceramic edition called "Wee Bairn". By 2005, after almost 30 years of taking custom orders, her studio then closed to commissions. Finished pieces are now available exclusively through auction or lottery on her Yahoo News group and Ebay. Though Paige predominately works in the "mini" scale with pieces averaging 4" tall or less, she plans to return to doing more of her own sculpture in larger scales in the coming years. The artist is self taught in the sculpting and painting of horses, but also holds a BFA and an MFA and is an internationally awarded oil painter on canvas with five major scholarships/fellowships earned.

Note for 2008: Paige is working on her backlog and other "life" things, so is kinda laying low this (calendar) year. (She is not responding to email unless it's an existing order.)


Yahoo News Group

Paige may be contacted through her Yahoo News Group.

The Patty Gallery


"Hard to Catch", Cutting Horse

Stock Star

"Valdemar" Russian Draft

Wee Bairn (to be released after ceramic run completed)

Customized Models




Spanish Breeds

Warmbloods, Sport Horses

Other Breeds

Customized Glazed Chinas

Wee Bairn

Other Chinas

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Top: Mini Sarah Rose Nahar repositioned and painted.

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