10 piece edition called "Wee Bairn". Sculpted by myself in 2003 and cast in earthenware ceramic starting in 2004, each piece is slightly claybody customized to be unique and one of a kind in body before custom glazing. These pony foals stand only 2.5 inches tall! Planned for release in resin circa 2007.

Limited Edition #1/10
Light chestnut pintaloosa Miniature Horse colt; owned by Julie Doyle. 

Limited Edition #2/10
Dark liver leopard British Spotted filly; owned by Carole Christian. 

Limited Edition #3/10
Chestnut pinto Assateague filly; shown as Lass'ateaque; owned by Kerry Walsh. 

Limited Edition #4/10
Dark bay tobiano Miniature Horse colt; shown as Kilverstone; owned by Eli Heritage-Mench. 

Limited Edition #5/10
Chestnut pinto Assateague filly; owned by Allison Malone. 

Limited Edition #6/10
Grulla colt; owned by Tina Dils. 

Limited Edition #7/10
Bay overo filly; owned by Linda Dean. 

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