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adia (Verleger) Oesterhelt, who lives in Germany, has been collecting and customizing models for many years. She spent a long time learning how to customize well, but is increasingly pleased with her latest pieces. She uses airbrushed acrylics for painting and prefers to use a heat gun for repositioning tasks.

Nadia really enjoys getting to know other people in the hobby and exchanging ideas, tips, and information. She loves going to the different live shows held around Germany where she can see her friends and all the new models that people have.

When she's not creating her own customized models, Nadia enjoys collecting those created by other artists in the hobby. She most enjoys stock breeds but appreciates the beauty in all other breeds as well. She also spends time maintaining her web site where you can find full-size versions all of the photos used in this gallery.

If you would like to get in touch with Nadia, you can contact her by email by clicking on her name.

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Top: Flintstone, dapple bay blanketed Appaloosa gelding customized from the BHR Hunter and owned by Nadia Oesterhelt

Bottom: Rocky Mountain Kid, bay overo Paint stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Gem Twist and owned by Nadia Oesterhelt

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