At this time, I have no information about this company except that they have model horses in their line. Standing Horse, 6"; shown as "Outlaw Jack," Waler gelding owned by Patricia Ohlott

Semi-Rearing Horse
4.5"; shown as "Madcap Middy," owned by Barri Mayse (also comes in a blood by blanket)

Cantering Horse
4.5"; shown as "Midji," POA mare owned by Barri Mayse

Horse & Indian
6.5"; shown as "Red Swan," Mustang stalllion owned by Barri Mayse

They stand 6.5 inches tall. The pinto is shown as Frisco's Dark Side; the grey is shown as Phixius. Owned by Vanessa Brown.

Cantering Horse
4.75"; shown as "Lampoon," Appaloosa owned by Barri Mayse

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