Willie Delight
Strawberry roan sabino customized from the Breyer Traditional Midnight Sun and owned by Chris Flint; created in 1996

Fool's Gold
Palomino champagne with reverse dapples Tennessee Walking horse stallion; created in 2010. Chris describes the piece: This is my sculpture "Willie Delight" painted into a really cool Palomino Champagne with reverse dapples. He features very subtle pink skin with "lavender" mottling on all of his thin-skinned areas and his color has an overall gold sheen to it that the photos just do not capture. And he has amber/greenish colored eyes too! I couldn't help but think of the words to the OLD classic song "The Tennessee Stud" while I was painting him! I named him "Fool's Gold" and he will be part of my personal (legacy) collection.

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