Scale model horse tack

Pleasure harness
Created 2008; shown on Fancy Enuf resin. Chris talks about the creation: The first one I made was a pony pleasure harness to fit my "Fancy Enuf" sculpture. This harness is a miniature version of the harness I have and use on my *real* ponies. The only difference is that my real harness is all black, and I made this one a dark brown with russet reins like so many of them are these days.

Fine harness
Created 2008; shown on Noble Aristocrat resin. Chris talks about the creation: The second harness I made was a Fine Harness for my "Noble Aristocrat" sculpture. It has always surprised me that I have never seen one of these guys shown in FINE HARNESS - as that is what this breed is bred for! So, I suppose if I want him shown in Fine Harness, I will have to do it myself. LOL! Êhis harness is authentic in every detail and even has the curved, close-fitting blinkers, just like the real ones do! I have a (real) Hackney Pony fine harness here and this one is identical to it except that my real harness had "French Tug Loops" instead of the straps. What can I say, I'm a "traditionalist" (or is it "old fart"?) LOL!

Fine harness
Created 2008; shown on Sophia resin. Chris talks about the creation: This harness features extremely *fine* (as in thin and narrow) leather. It has two bits, curb chain, shaped blinkers, 14k. gold chain on the brow-band and chainette cord for the side-checks. To give you an idea of how *fine* this is, the reins are one 3/32 wide piece of lace that I split in two! This harness is made almost identical to the super-expensive *real* pony harness that I have here and have used when we showed our Hackney Ponies. And as an added plug, that's a set of my "SHOW SHAFTS" to allow me to hitch up the harness to the shafts as if it were hitched to a Viceroy!

Stock type pleasure harness
Created 2008; shown on the Sarah Rose Lonestar resin. Chris talks about the creation and use: Despite what I see in the QH Journal and Paint Horse Magazine, the overcheck on a harness is NOT supposed to hang 1/2-way down the neck and be flopping. (It's not like having a loose rein on a WP horse!) The purpose of an overcheck is to keep the horse from being able to get their head down and *buck* - which would be disastrous to the driver! So, while it shouldn't be super TIGHT, it should serve the purpose intended. The overcheck is attached to the snaffle bit on this type of a harness. If this were on a Hackney Pony (Country Pleasure Harness) there would be TWO bits - a "Bridoon", (which is a tiny snaffle or bar bit), which would be what the overcheck was attached to. Same thing for a Roadster Harness. One other note - when you have an OVERCHECK, you always also have a running martingale. It's optional with a side-checked bridle (most people choose not to use one).

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