Edition closed December 2006

American Beauty
Chestnut Morgan mix stallion, an original sculpture cast as a limited edition resincast; the final sculpture used in the casting has a more built-up neck and is meant to be an American Warmblood, a Morgan/Percheron, or similar bred horse.

American Beauty in Bay
This is the built-up version and the model used for casting--you can notice the difference in the neck; shown as "Intuition," and owned by Beth Lamm

American Beauty in Seal Bay
Auctioned off at the 1998 Artisan Auction

American Beauty in Buckskin
Shown as "Targa," Quarter Horse/Warmblood stallion painted by Chris Flint and owned by Mindy Binkley

American Beauty in Cremello
Created 2003.

American Beauty in White
White Morgan gelding; Created 2010. Chris describes this piece: This one is perhaps the *rarest* color in the model horse world, and also rather rare in the real-horse world. He is a true **White** horse. Unlike a Cremello, or Perlino, (who usually have blue, hazel or amber eyes), a true WHITE horse always has brown eyes. It is rather uncommon and does not usually breed true. Shown as Crusader.

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