This company was started in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1939, as the National Potteries Corporation. Unfortunately, in 1984, Napco moved to Jacksonville, Florida and dropped its line of animal figures to concentrate on its niche in the florist trade.

When identifying Napco model horses look for the full word, "NAPCO." There are two exceptions: "HOLLYDAY" in block letters, and "Lady Fair" in script. [I don't know what sort of figurines these were, however!] (Information for this write up was obtained from the book, Animal Figurines, by Mike Schneider.)

Photo Credits: Prancing Foal, owned by Patricia Ohlott

Grazing Horse (#M451, 4.5")
Shown as "High Time," half Morgan mare owned by Patricia Ohlott

Rearing Horse
Owned by Patricia Ohlott

Rearing Horse
9.25"; shown as "Wild Thing," owned by Barri Mayse

Cantering Horse
Shown as "QS Spanish Silver," Quarter Pony mare owned by Debbie Moore

Napco Mini Foals
These are copies of H-R's: Lying "Clover" (1.5"), Prancing "Mini A235" (3"), Grazing "Scamper" (2.5"); owned by Barri Mayse

Mini Mustang Family (#M2925)
Copies of mini H-R Mustangs;
owned by Barri Mayse

Napco Minis (#M895)
Stallion (2.5"), Foal (1.5"), Mare (1"); owned by Barri Mayse

Running Foal (#M452)
Owned by Barri Mayse

Standing Foal (#C5972)
Owned by Vanessa Brown

Prancing brown horse (#M4354)
Owned by Vanessa Brown

Rearing horse in bay
Purchased in 1962. It is 5 1/4" tall and has the mark M4354 stamped on the belly. It's a Matte or satin glaze. Images provided by Linda Schuster.

Standing Horse in Palomino
Has a number on its belly: C5974; photo provided by Vivian Holt

5" Monkey (#3912)
Owned by Vanessa Brown

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