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ita Menard Baker started customizing in 1993 when she turned an old Adios into a loud black and white leopard Appaloosa. Things just took off from there. Rita did Appaloosas exclusively for quite awhile but slowly added other colors to her palette. She painted all of her models by hand until March of '98 when she discovered the airbrush; then she was really able to express herself. Coupled with Carol Williams' book, Color Formulas & Techniques, she began to see a big improvement in realism. That led her to do a number of portrait horses. When finishing her creations Rita also loves to do string mane and tails, using embroidery floss. Rita challenges herself to best herself with each new customized or painted model--she strives to do something that hasn't been done before.

Rita's real horse loves are Spanish breeds and Thoroughbreds--both of which she is involved in. Rita also follows Thoroughbred racing. These awesome horses keep her inspired! She also has a wonderful companion, Annie, a Jack Russell Terrier who has been know to appear at a show or two for comic relief.

In the near future Rita will have a few sculptures finished, which include an Andalusian stallion, a Quarter Horse stallion and a pony of some sort. If you would like to get in touch with Rita, click on her name to send email.

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Top: Etch to Impress, chestnut Appaloosa stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Stock Horse Stallion and owned by Bev Danvers; created in 1998. This is a portrait model of the real stallion

Bottom: Atticus,dapple rose grey Shire stallion customized from the Stone Percheron and owned by Rita Menard; created in 1998

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