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anice Meixner-Walden hasn't been active in the hobby for a number of years now, but her presence is still felt in shows across the United States and abroad. During the 1980's, Janice produced countless champions and live show winners using both airbrush and oils to create her distinctive style.

This gallery shows only a fraction of the models Janice created over the years, as I suspect the total number is well over 200 or 300! However, you'll get to see a variety of the types of models she produced and see a great example of an artist who was one of the most popular of the 1980's.

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Photo credits:
Rhiannon, dapple grey Welara mare customized from the Breyer Classic Arabian Mare and owned by Teresa Fedak
Bottom: Moonwalk, bay tovero Paint gelding customized from the Breyer Classic Jet Run and owned by Teresa Fedak

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