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lice (McWaters) Malcom played with models as a child but didn’t get “into” models until November 2001 when Alice decided to paint models of the many wonderful horses she’s owned or worked with. That led to being introduced to Chris Nandell, who taught her to paint models with oils. She already had experience painting on flat surfaces, but the models present rather different challenges… ones which she enjoys. She now paints horses other than those she’s personally known. Alice has had experience with a variety of types of horses and researches breeds before portraying them. She also occasionally creates fantasy horses.

Because she has “another” active life, Alice rarely goes to live shows. She does photo show with MEPSA. Her models have been successful in both live and photo shows, including championships.

Alice lost husband Charles, the cowboy love of her life, to lung cancer in October, 2016. She lives on their 190-acre ranch in eastern OK with her daughter and son-in-law. She has multiple dogs, cats, and horses…all of whom are very spoiled.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all horses in the gallery are owned and photographed by Alice.

Alice (McWaters) Malcolm
26417  S  65th St  E
Porum, OK 74455-5505

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Top: Pegasus N Purple; White winged fantasy horse, customized in 2002 from the Breyer “Silver” model.

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