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erry Martin collected model horses and dogs as a child, but as an adult they slowly disappeared into just a memory with marriage and raising two sons. The whole family was deeply into horses, raising Quarter Horses on their ranch in Colorado and then in Utah. Both boys competed seriously in QH Youth Activities and all competed in western performance events. 

Skipping to about 1994, a lot had changed including a divorce, relocation to Louisiana, and no more horses. An auto accident years before had pretty much ended Terry's ability to ride any more, and she had become more and more involved in breeding and training Australian Shepherds as working stock dogs. A chance encounter with an old man in Alabama who had every Breyer ever made and amazement at his collection and passion for it, was the beginning of a new hobby. 

After moving back to Texas, the gift of a Breyer dog prompted her to paint it to a more realistic color.  More dogs followed and the purchase of her first custom horse, a repaint by Kris McHugh. Their friendship that ensued via e-mail taught Terry how to use a heat gun to move the legs on the model dogs, remove body parts and change them around. She felt that her talent was working with a brush and especially doing hair so shied away from the idea of painting model horses that are supposed to be smooth. Custom dogs paid for horses! Then came photo shows and love of doing a photo where one had to look twice to see if it was real. Then the first live show in 2003. The performance setups attracted from the beginning. Only interested in western stock horses, all of Terry's work is done in that venue. It has led to remaking and painting cattle as well as collecting them, making props, arena scenes, simple doll remakes, and some tack although no saddles on the horizon. Anything that can make a western performance horse look more realistic is fair game. Model dogs are still a staple of her work and a preference for doing Australian Shepherds. Since you do your best with what you know best, this artist works with Aussies and western performance horse props. 

Terry Martin
Slash V Australian Shepherds
#3 ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel

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Above: Breyer trotting Australian Shepherd that has had the head and legs moved, ears resculpted, a lot of resculpting on the hindquarters and neck to that it can be jumping to catch the sculpted frisbee. It can also be removed from the stand which was made from Sculpy and posed running. Painted to a blue merle.

The Martin Gallery


Brangus steer
Breyer cutting calf remade into a Brangus steer by removing the ears and tail and resculpting them, adding a hump on the shoulders, dewlap from the chin down along the underline and painting with acrylics.

Hereford x Brahma cross steer
Breyer cutting calf remade into a Hereford x Brahma cross steer by removing the ears and tail and resculpting them, adding a hump on the shoulders, added dewlap from the chin down along the underline and painting with acrylics.

Hereford cross steer
Breyer roping calf with the ears resculpted, tail moved, beefed up by adding more to the topline and underline, muzzle lengthened, tongue protruding and painted with acrylics.


Australian Shepherd
Breyer Australian Shepherd with the legs moved, added sculpting to hindquarters, ears remade and painted to a red merle.

Australian Shepherd
Breyer Border Colllie remade into a heeling Australian Shepherd. The mouth has been opened, tail docked and sculpted feathering added to hindquarters. Painted with acrylics. Done by Terry Martin who also painted this Herden cow.

Australian Shepherd
Breyer Australian Shepherd that has been repositioned into a heeling position and can also be posed to be going in to bite the nose of a cow. Painted with Acrylics.

Australian Shepherd
Resin Border Collie remade into a red merle Australian Shepherd. The ears have been resculpted, the tail removed and the entire rear resculpted with bob-tail and feathering. It was then painted with Acrylics after photos of a real dog.

Australian Shepherd
Breyer Australian Shepherd with the legs moved into more of a running position, sculpting on the hindquarters to add more feathering and the mouth drilled out so it can hold these Christmas lights or other props. Painted to a blue merle.

Two Foxhouds
Breyer Foxhounds done by Terry Martin. One is a repaint and the the other one has had its head moved, one ear resculpted so they interact with each other, both tails moved, and then painted with acrylics.

Great Dane
Breyer Great Dane with the mouth drilled out so that it can carry a variety of props. It was sold with a basket, a Happy Birthday sign, a teddy bear.

Two Jack Russel Terriers
Breyer Jack Russell Terriers with position changed and sculpted frisbee. Painted with Acrylics.


Hill diorama
The hill has a creek at the bottom made from acrylic water and features small drilled holes so natural "trees"  can be used rather than artificial. .

Creek and fence diorama
Diorama featuring a creek mde from acrylic water tinted brownish, natural logs, and a hand made miniature broken barb wire fence. The barb wire fence is removable so it can be used as a natural trail course. The creek includes a couple of turtles submerged in the water.

Arena water hazard
Box type arena water hazard featuring "black plastic" with gravel on the bottom and clear acrylic water in the box.


Western male doll
Remade doll from the old Ben Breyer doll. The shirt has been dyed and reworked, jeans reworked, belt, buckle and hat added, boots painted, and removable thin leather chaps made.

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