Waltraud von Stauffenberg comments (via Jennifer Pomerance): "Metzler & Ortloff started 1875 and closed 1972. They made household and decorative items, toys and doll heads, which were very popular also.. In 1972 to factory was nationalized and changed into VEB Kunstporzellan. Metzler & Ortloff had several different marks, [including] one like two hammers and letters between, a crown with M&O on the bottom and the name Metzler and letters."

Photo description and credit: Dapple grey stallion, circa 1950, 7" long by 6.25" tall. Produced from the highly regarded German porcelain company Metzler & Ortloff, Thuringia, Germany. First formed in the Victorian / Art Nouveau or Art Deco Period from the famous sculptor Fritz Diller (he has also worked for Rosenthal and Hutschenreuther - F.Diller is impressed in the base). Photo and information provided by Melodie Dowell. approx. 7 inches wide x 6.25 inches tall (ca. 17,5 x 16 cm)

Standing horse in grey on base
Metzler horse by Diller, owned and photographed by Henrick Elestubbe of Sweden.

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