This company is based in California and produced a line of horse figurines called Poppytrails. The model pictured here also comes in a team of eight with a Budweiser beer wagon.

Company history from Metlox Manufacturing Company was established in 1927 by Willis and T. C. Prouty in Manhattan Beach, California. Prior to about 1934, Metlox Pottery produced ceramic and neon outdoor signs. About 1934, the comapny began producing ceramic housewares for which they subsequently became quite well known. The famous Poppy Trail line was introduced in that same year, the design creation of the President Willis Prouty, and the company soon introduced innovations which allowed them to speed production while at the same time lowering their costs. The most highly sought Metlox patterns are the work of the sculptor Carl Romanelli who designed art pottery and dinnerware for the company in the late 1930s and early 1940s, and again briefly in the 1950s. The company produced dinnerware, cookie jars, and miniatures. The Nastalia line was comprised of items whose design was reminescent of the late 19th and early 20th centuries such as locomotives, gramaphones, cars, coaches, and baby carriages. Some of the more valuable pieces are wagons and carts pulled by horses or donkeys, often with separately manufactured passengers. From the mid 1960s through the mid 1970s, 'Poppets' were produced, 86 in all, representing characters ranging from royalty and various professions to a grouping of Salvation Army workers. Most came with a name tag and paper labels. Some of the more popular lines are Red Rooster, California Provincial, Colonial Homestead and Homestead Provincial, as well as Poppytrail. The company continued production until going out of business in 1989,.

Above: This drafter with its molded-on harness is owned by Debbie Moore

Budweiser Beer Wagon
Each horse is 9" high and 9" long - the Budweiser beer wagon is 12.5" long. This hitch was commissioned by the Anheuser-Busch Company exclusively for its use as an advertising display piece and as a gift for valued company employees. It was larger than other Metlox-Poppytrail vehicles and had ceramic wheels. Photo provided by Diana Johnson, hitch owned by Terrie Priebe

Drafter in Bay
Shown as "Waldo Pepper," Clydesdale stallion owned by Karen Grimm

Drafter in Bay
Clydesdale in Harness. 9" tall and 9" long. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Draft Horse in Black
#648 Draft horse w/harness in black, stands 8" tall, owned by Lori Critchfield.

Circus Pony in Palomino
Shown as "Top Gallent," Connemara pony stallion owned by Karen Grimm

Circus Pony in Grey
Photos provided by Melodie Dowell. Image of stick (on bottom of belly) below.

Prancing Pony in Chestnut Tobiano
Shown as "Crusader," Shetland pony stallion owned by Karen Grimm

Trotting Coach Horse in Dapple Grey
Shown as "Maiden Flight," Hackney pony stallion owned by Karen Grimm

Resting Coach Horse in Bay
Shown as "Blank Check," grade cart horse mare owned by Karen Grimm; this is an extremely rare model!

Standing Horse in Bay
Photo provided by Aliyah Ahmed

Dobbin in grey
#641 "Dobbin" in grey, stands 8" tall, owned by Lori Critchfield.

Morgan in Bay with Doctor's Carriage
#647 Morgan in bay (shown with Doctor's carriage), stands 7.75" tall owned by Lori Critchfield.

Pony in Bay with cart
#642 Pony in bay (shown with cart), stands 6" tall, owned by Lori Critchfield.

Hackney Horse in Bay with carriage
#679 Hackney in bay (shown with package wagon), stands 7.75" tall, owned by Lori Critchfield.

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