The horses are made in (PR) China, and are all about 11" in size and suit most Barbie-sized dolls. Information and photos provided by Emma Bramwell.

At left is Neighing Horse 1991 - not sure what the correct name for this horse is, dubbed it 'Neighing Horse' for the purpose of this description. Neighing Horse (1991) is a white horse with semi-jointed legs and head. Neighing Horse (with batteries inserted under its belly) neighs and makes galloping sounds when the jointed left front leg (or the head) is raised. All the other legs are jointed at the body. I have no idea what accessories are meant to go with this horse, I picked it up as-is at a marketplace.

Western Horse
Information and photos provided by Emma Bramwell. Western Horse (1983) is a jointed palomino horse which appears to have a paint job modelled on Mattel's Dallas horse. The legs and head are fully jointed and the horse can be placed in a number of poses. Western Horse has a dark brown western saddle and bridle set, and a white brush. There is another version of this horse known as 'Boots n Spurs', which has a different saddle.

Quarter Horse family
Information and photos provided by Heather Gessell. The Stallion is marked "Meritus" with a logo which resembles a flower with square petals on the inside of his right gaskin/hock. There is also a "1982" copyright above his Meritus marking, farther up the leg. On the inside of his right front leg at the knee there is "made in Hong Kong" He stands 4 1/2 inches at the shoulder, just over six to the tip of his ears, and just over 7 inches from nose to tail. The mare is marked "H.K.T.C."on the inside of her left rear leg, Gaskin area. The colt is as well. Meritus does not appear on them at all, although they match 100% with the marked stud, so I am making a safe guess that they are all part of a set. The mare is very close to the stud in size, the colt measures 3 1/2 to the shoulder, 5 to the tips of his ears, and 5 1/2 inches from nose to tail. The colt is quite cute actually, his head is turned to one side and his ear lays back ... looks like he's about to spook : ) (I've seen that look quite a few times ... lol) The heads are well done and expressive with the exception of the mare. The paint job is fair. Curator's comments: this looks like an exact copy of the Hagen-Renaker Quarter Horse family (which were also made in plastic by Breyer as the Classic Quarter Horse family). In a later email Heather refers to the company name as "Maisto".

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