Melba did a range of large heavy horses in harness, I have seen one Shire standing square, a trotting chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, and these are about 1/8th scale, or very big. They also did a classic size range, of which I have seen on that is similar to an Ardennes in dun and "Harry". "Harry" did have working harness on, but was incomplete so I removed it, but as you can see he has a turquoise sticker on. Also, he has Clydesdale raised on his stomach. The Dun Ardennes came with ploughing harness on. The stickers is the only way to tell Melba heavies. "Zach" and "Oscar" have Melba Ware England on their bellies. Melba itself was owner by a company called Barrows, and their factory was in Longton Stoke-on-Trent. They closed in 1952. Information form Kim Mason

Melba - brand name of HA Wain of Stoke on Trent, UK. Sold ceramic horses
(mainly heavy horses) from c. 1967-1984-ish, when the company ceased
trading. Many horses were harnessed, or came with hand-made wooden vehicles.
The company's showroom was located opposite the Gold Street works of Beswick
(I visited both many times).
From Keren GM.

Above Left: This model with its removable harness is owned by Patricia Ohlott

Draft Horse in Dapple Grey (#8191)
Photo provided by Teresa Rogers-Worrall

Draft Horse in Grey
Shown as "Captain Jack." Large traditional size with backstamp and paper label. Image provided by Kim Mason.

Suffolk Punch in Chestnut
Shown as "Red Baron." Includes original harness and he is 1/8th scale with backstamp and paper label. Photo provided by Kim Mason.

Standing feathered draft in grey
Shown as "Harry". Photo provided by Kim Mason.

Welsh Cob Pony (Section C) in bay
Shown as "Amos". Classic sized; no markings. Kim describes this as an "elusive" piece. Photo provided by Kim Mason.

Standing horse in bay
Photo provided by Lori Critchfield

Standing horse in brown pinto
Shown as "Oscar", photo provided by Kim Mason.

Hunter in dapple grey
Shown as "Seamus." 1/8th scale Hunter/Irish Draft with backstamp. Image provided by Kim Mason.


Standing zebra
Shown as "Zach"; provided by Kim Mason.

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