The Meissen porcelain factory (Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH) is the birthplace of European porcelain making. Their website offers a wealth of information on porcelain and its manufacture Among their horse figurines are:

Researched by Kathy R Williams.

Standing horse in white #A1136
Photo provided by Rachel K. Pannabecker.

Standing horse in white
Under-horse "signature". Photo provided by Rachel K. Pannabecker.

Rearing Iberian Stallion #26173
The brown clay used for many of Meissen's figurines is called Bottger Steinzeug. The formula for this clay was discovered by Johann Friedrich Böttger, the man who is credited for being the first in Europe to discover the secret of hard paste porcelain in 1709. The quality of this special brown clay provides for a soft glowing finish with excellent mold detail. Researched by Kathy Williams from here.

Sculpted by Oehme. Image provided by Pauline Entin.

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