I know little about this British company except they stopped doing business circa 1999-2003, produced five molds: the Arabian (show left and first photo below), a trotting Welsh Pony, a Hunter, a Shetland Pony (released for one year) and a foal, all in 1/12th scale, about 5" tall and made from light weight plstic with synthetic manes and tails. The Magpie range also included riders, tack, stables and accessories (haynets stuffed with real hay and shavings bales containing real shavings for example).

Isobell Russell says: It is a pity Magpie went out of business as their models are one of the best quality for your money I have come across. I remember paying no more than ten pounds for my Arab model and perhaps a bit more for the Hunter and a bit less for the Trotting Welsh Pony. I have customised all three of my Magpie models and I have found them much easier to work with than other makes simply because they are already finished to quite a high standard straight from the factory, perhaps that is the reason they went bust.

Keren G-M comments: The company began life as Dream Ponies in 1971 in Essex, UK. 6 hard plastic (polystyrene) horses in the range, plus 3 riders. Horses have rooted nylon m/ts: some Dream Ponies were also issued in an attractive 'woodgrain' finish plastic, and as flockies. Various accessories and tack have been offered over the years. The company was taken over and became Magpie some time in the 1980s: now back in production after a gap.

Karen Mark reports there are customized Magpies that can be seen here.

Update 7/05: Company has been bought and three molds are in production. Company web site.

Arabian in Palomino
Shown as a Welsh Pony, this piece was painted by Catherine Dewick and owned by Julie LaBomascus. Rider is not Magpie produced.

Trotting Welsh Pony in Dapple Grey
This pony was painted by Gemma Wheeler

Hunter in grey
Photo provided by Gemma Wheeler

Show jumping and gymkhana games set
Photo provided by Karen Mark

Stable set
Photo provided by Karen Mark

1994 releases
Photo provided by Karen Mark. Items include: A-Bay Rum, hunter in bay; B-Cherokee, Arab mold bay pinto; C-Whalnut Whip, dun Arab; D-Strawberry Fayre, red roan Welsh pony; E-Pepper & Spice, flea bit Welsh mare and foal; F-Charlie Brown, donkey; G-Smokey Joe, donkey.

1994 releases
Photo provided by Erin Sadler. Shown as "W.Apache Warrior."  Erin comments: Apache was a 'Personality' model, one of a series of special runs the company made.

Standing hunter
Photo provided by Erin Sadler. Shown as "W.Snow Cloud".

1994 releases
Photo provided by Erin Sadler. Shown as "W.Fires of Zaos".

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