This UK company produced one of a kind ceramic pieces as pictured.

Company/artist information provided by Paula Ainsworth

Basil Matthews was born in Wales.

When he was a young man this talented self-taught artist had perfected a new ceramic process. He opened his own studio in the late 1940's. He started with horses and from there did all kinds of animals. He received an endorsement from Queen Mary for his work.

He never did mass production instead concentrating on limited pieces of no more than about a hundred. An internationally acclaimed designer and figurine artist, Basil Matthews was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers, and Fellow of the Society of Design Craftsmen. Sadly, he passed away in 1985.

Left: Standing circus horse. Photo and owned by Melodie Dowell.

Standing ceramic circus horse
Photo and owned by Melodie Dowell, who describes the horse: This little guy came to me from England. He's extremely old and had been broken in a million places when I purchased him. I had him repaired by Dawn Shaw. He is very rare according to the lady who sold him to me. She was not young and she said the horse belonged to her Grandma when she was little. I can find nothing on Basil Matthews. This is called "Florentine" and you can barely see the florentine pattern going up one leg.

Standing ceramic circus foal
Photo by Melodie Dowell, who describes the piece: She stands 4 3/4" tall. I have no other information about her. From her crazing, I'd say she's very old. She's very similar to my circus foal, but slightly smaller and lighter weight.

Standing tall foal
Photo provided by Kevin Brown from the UK.

Walking pony
Known as "Little Jenney the Pony". Photo provided by Kevin Brown from the UK.

Standing flower foal
Photo provided by Kevin Brown from the UK.

Standing Shire
Photo provided by Kevin Brown from the UK.

Shire Mares Lying
1951 marked on the bottom of each one. Theodora, the large one, is 2 1/2" tall at her ear tip. Theodore, the smaller one, is 2 1/4" tall at her ear tip. The large one has had her ears repaired and painted bright pink. Photos by Melodie Dowell.

Standing Shire
This particular horse is called "Theo" - he happens to be an EVEN RARER catch as the horses usually have bright blue colouration along the mane, our "Theo" as you can plainly see has yellow. Images provided by Paula Ainsworth.

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