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onna Lorello got involved in the hobby when a neighbor invited her to Toys R Us to come see the "horses." She knew Donna loved horses, and invited her periodically to trips to the race track just to be around horses. It was a purchase of Breyer's #61 El Pastor Paso Fino that opened the door to the wide world of model horses. Donna couldn't be around live horses and had limited time learning to ride, and model horses allowed her to be an owner, breeder, and exhibitor.

Donna began customizing when she began subscribing to Just About Horses - seeing some of the repainted/repositioned and haired models. Well, she just had to have her hand at it and took a beat up Family Arabian stallion - stripped off his plastic mane and tail - painted him her favorite horse color - black with white socks and blaze - added synthetic black hair for a mane and tail - and poof - her first custom. "Illumination" as Donna named him was by today's standards really primitive - but he was the foundation for further knowledge. She also began competing and learning about model horse equitation through photo showing - it was then that she needed a stable name - hence, Arcadia Creations was born (named for her favorite band at the time - Arcadia). Over the years and studying customs done by others, Donna started learning about resculpting, repositioning, and good painting methods.

Donna has tried both oils and acrylics - both having good and bad points as mediums - but these days she prefers acrylics for thier quicker drying points. Donna hand brushes all her horses and will try airbrushing in the near future. She loves most breeds, preferring Arabians, stock breeds, and Friesians. Although Donna works full time, she tries to make time for the fun and stress-reducing enjoyment of customizing, involved in an online model Friesian club, and going to live shows. Donna works with a feral cat welfare group in her home town and has a great love of all animals.

Donna Lorello
Arcadia Creations
2 Shady Lane
Branford, CT 06405

Photo credit:

Titan Kalabos Arcadia Fantasy black winged hell horse customized from the Breyer Family Arabian Stallion, created using acrylics in 1996.

The Lorello Gallery

Unless otherwise noted, all pieces are owned by the artist.

Goliath Arcadia
Black friesian stallion customized from the Breyer Fighting stallion #30 in 1997.

Customized from the Chris Nandell's Friesian resin, created in 2001

Customized from the Bridgette Eberl's Friesian in 1999.

Jet Plane
Chestnut tobiano paint mare customized from the Breyer Stablemate Thoroughbred mare using oils/acrylics in 1991; owned by Christine Othitis.

AF Touch the Moon
Bay tobiano pinto stallion customized from the Breyer Little Bit TB stallion, created using oils/acrylics in 1992; owned by Christine Othitis.

Arcadian Dancer
Black tobiano pinto mare customized from the Breyer Indian Pony created using oils/acrylics in 1988.

Infinity Arcadia
Bay thoroughbred mare customized from the Kathleen Moody's Infinity resin, created using acrylics in 1999

Androcles Arcadia
Bay sabino Clydesdale stallion customized from the Chris Jolly's Androcles resin, created using acrylics in 1999

Black leopard appy POA gelding customized from the Breyer Pony of the Americas; created in 1995; owned by Jim Armstrong

Arcadian Delight
Dark bay Morgan stallion customized from the Breyer Justin Morgan; created in 1995

AF Double Splash
Black blanket appaloosa stallion customized from the Breyer #51 Yellow Mount; created using acrylics in 1990

Kulfi Arcadian
Dapple bay Marwari stallion customized from the Kristina Lucas Francis' Kulfi; created in 1999

Krystal Koconos
Dark dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Proud Arabian Stallion, created using acrylics in 1996

Ghost of Arcadia
Albino mule customized from the Breyer Stablemate Mule, created using acrylics in 1999; owned by Anne Olejniczak

Arcadian Azul
Blue albino unicorn stallion customized from the Breyer Stablemate Appaloosa gelding, created using acrylics in 2000; owned by Brad Benton

Name unknown
Dapple bay Andalusian stallion customized from the Breyer Stablemate Andalusian, created in 2000; owned by Lisa Speer

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