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ristina Lind (formerly Blume) started collecting model horses Christmas of 1983 when her father bought her a Breyer Buckskin Pinto Stock Horse Mare and a Classic Arabian Family. Her father influenced her collecting throughout her childhood, buying her models for Christmas's and Birthdays and other special occasions. She did have a few early customizing attempts after reading about the process in JAH, but early custom models ended up in garage sales or in the trash (her mother was unhappy with her "ruining" her toys). Kristina sold most of her collection in 1997 to pay for college bills, and put her few treasured models in a box.

In 2000, Kristina moved in with her now husband. After unpacking and finding her models, she got on line to see where the hobby had come too and was amazed!!! After becoming a stay at home mom in 2001, she decided to turn her love of art onto her few models and has been going strong and learning more ever since. In 2006 she attended her first live show and brought home many cards for both her custom models and her tack. She Attended SHCF in 2007 as well, doing the same against the "Big Guys" She plans on attending more shows, but the birth of her daughter has delayed the live showing for a while.

Kristina prefers to work on the small scales, painting primarily Stablemate and Chip scaled models. She Also makes nice saddle sets and costumes that have done well against the big guys. Kristina is always taking orders, selling and Trading...Feel Free to Drop her a E-mail or a letter!!!

Kristina Lind
Dun Running Stables/Studios
2016 S. Taylor St.
South Bend, IN 46613
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Top: Barn Ghost, Pegasus Barn Owl customized from the Breyer SM G3 Andalusian.

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