This line of china/earthenware horses is produced here in the United States. Levade will be producing a dressage horse for the next horse in their line. Photo Credit: These pictures of Levade's first piece, the American Saddlebred, were taken off the P.S.Cord & Company site.

Marge Para comments in 7/05: Yes, I purchased the saddlbred and the hunter from Kathleen Hartmann [Levade] in 2002. I did the one OF run in the saddlebred in chesnut and will be finishing up a OF palomino run on the saddlbred sometime in the future. On the hunter, the only OF run so far I have done is a buckskin. I have done numerous custom glazed pieces on them. And on occasion I will take orders for custom glazed pieces and sell bisque if they want to glaze their own. I don't have a current website for them yet.

Update: 4/11: The Levade company has been out of business for more than a decade.

Winds of Change
Dark dapple grey Thoroughbred gelding customized from the Levade Hunter and owned by Sheri Rhodes

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