Founded in June, 2002 by Materials Manager, Cindy Neuhaus, original finish collector with a particular love of china horses, The Lakeshore Collection, Ltd. offers quality Fine Bisque Porcelain Model Horses that are attainable and affordable.

Sculptures by Ed Gonzales, Ann Harris, Laurie Jo Jensen, and D'arry Jone Frank are featured. Pieces, each individually hand-crafted & painted, typically measure approximately 8 by 10".

Some notes on how pieces are produced.

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2008 both Champions & Reserves in the Collectors Club and sponsored exclusive live show LS division Champions/Reserves will now receive these uber-elegant, classy lapel pins with the intertwined LS logo in gold or silver metal in a background of jet black genuine enamel cloisonné!

Special edition watch available for Lakeshore Pinnacle award winners

The LakeShore Collection Gallery

Anne Harris' Marshall

Ed Gonzales' Status Symbol

Laurie Jo Jensen's Touch of the Sky

D'arry Jone Frank's Houdini

Ed Gonzales' Miz Charisma

Art of Fire/Raku pieces

Photo credits:

Introduction Top: Harris Marhall in grey, Gonzales Status Syjbol in chestnut, Houdini in chestnut, Jensen Touch of the Sky in black pinto.

Introduction Middle: Harris Marshall in chestnut, Gonzales Status Symbol in bay, Houdini in bay pinto, Jensen Touch of the Sky in buckskin.

Introduction Bottom: Custom glazes. Top row: Frank Houdini in bay pinto, Harris Marshall in fred chestnut blanket appaloosa, unknown cat, Gonzales Status Symbol in chestnut, two unknowns. Bottom row: unknown, Frank Houdini in red chestnut, two unknowns.

Gallery section: Custom glazes. Top row: unknown. Second row: three Gonzales Miz Charismas in chestnut blanket, bay blanket and chestntut, respectively. Third row: Harris Marshall in silver dapple, Jensen Touch of the Sky in sandy bay, Frank Houdini in brown, Harris Marshal in bay blanket appaloosa. Bottom row: from left three unknown, Harris Marshall in red bay blanket appaloosa.

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