This company originated in Russia but is now based in the United States. They produce china figurines of many types of animals as well as horses. Pieces which have a "Russia" stamp on them are considered quite valuable.

Left: 4.25" tall; owned by Barri Mayse

Lying Foal in Bay
Photo provided by Gina Anderson

Donkey Foal in White
Shown as "Oda Mae," and owned by Juanita Snyder

Standing Drafter in Red Roan
Shown as "Anastasia," Russian Heavy Draft mare owned by Traci Durrell-Khalife

Lying bay foal
Shown as "Nikolai," Budjonny colt foal owned by Katja Contu

Lying zebra fawn
Shown as "Toto," Quagga foal owned by Katja Contu

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