Based in Spain, Lladro was started as a family business many decades ago, and remains this way today. They don't carry a line of horses per se, but they have some beautiful fantasy horses and carousel figures, as well as some equine scenes. The smaller pieces are pretty affordable for most people, but the larger, more ornate, or multi-figurine pieces are very expensive and are truly stunning. (Note from curator - I saw a number of the large pieces in St Thomas in the 1996, including a beautiful wedding scene with bride and groom in flower laden carriage, with driver and horse; piece is about 4.5 feet long and 15 inches high; price tag was around US$1500. Due to the trade laws in the Virgin Islands, that might be one place to purchase them without incurring the normally high duty that would be required.)

Cindy Neuhaus reports 7/05 that the company is up for sale.

Left: 4.75" tall, has #5483 on bottom; owned by Cynthia Gardner

Galloping Horses
This is a beautiful porcelain figurine by Lladro called Galloping Horses. It measures almost 12" tall. All Lladro is hand painted (other than white bisque). This figurine is finished in the lovely Lladro clear, high gloss glaze. This piece was discontinued in 2000 and is now available only on the secondary market. Owned and photographed by Linda DeBernardo.

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