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ulie Kuiper is a well known painter/customizer.

The Kuiper Gallery

Dapple Grey Stallion
Customized in collaboration with Tom Bainbridge from the Fraley resin, "Raakid"; photo by Tammy Ferin. Shown as "Al-Dabaran".

Chestnut Arabian stallion, customized from the Fraley resin, "Raakid" in collaboration with Tom Bainbridge. Image provided by owner Cindi Nakagawa.

Name unknown
Rose dapple grey Arabian stallion customized from the Breyer Sham. Image/owned by unknown.

Before sunrise
Bay pinto part-Arabian stallion customized from the Debbie Lermond "WN Ultimate Star" ("sporty tail" version) resin. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.


Buckskin stallion
Customized from the Sarah Rose “UVM Yesteryear” resin painted by Julie Kuiper and updated by Tom Bainbridge. Tom describes this piece: He is just stunning in this soft dappled buckskin color – ranging from creamy white to sooty dark points and shading, he is eye catching to say the least.

Hollywood Blues
Grulla Paint stallion customized from the Stone Ideal Stock Horse. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

Hollywood Holdup
Grulla Paint colt customized from the Carol Williams Okie II resin; custom order to match above stallion. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

Bay pinto mustang stallion customized from the Breyer Silver. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

Customized from the Donna Chaney Animal Artistry Mini Welsh Pony Section A stallion by Thomas Bainbridge and Julie Kuiper.

Salida Del Sol
Silver dapple Peruvian Paso mare customized from the Breyer Peruvian Paso. Image/owned by Cindi Nakagawa.

Galante in sandy bay
Painted by Julie Kuiper; created 2003

Amaretto MMF
Buckskin Paso Fino stallion, customized from the Linda York El Vuelo. Image provided by owner Cindi Nakagawa.


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