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ennifer Kroll, of Chookhenge Farm & Studio, is an associate member of RESS, and a vice president of the organization.

Born in 1978, Jen was a horse lover from the start. For her second Christmas she recieved the Breyer classic Arabian family and was completely hooked. She started customizing Breyers in her childhood with white-out, etching, curly doll hair, and then oil paints. In 1998 she found the hobby online and the rest is history. She has been doing customs, finishwork, and sculpting original sculptures since then. Jen also dabbles in making tack from time to time as a stress reliever.

Now she, her husband, and their 5 children live in Michigan, with aspirations of having a farm in the near future. She breeds an assortment of fancy poultry, and also collects china chicken figurines. While she appreciates the uniqueness of each horse breed, her favorites are the Gypsy Cob, Morgan, Appaloosa, and Miniature horse. Currently she does not own any horses.

Jennifer Kroll
Old studio name: Thistlewood Studio
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Top: Lucky bust, Jen comments: Ok here is a bust that I did at Gwen Reardon's Sculpting Seminar in September of 2004. I did it as a semi-portrait of my gelding, Lucky. Snorty and windblown, this piece turned out really cute. I do hope to eventually have a casting or two made of it just for posterities sake.

Bottom: Daisy Brown pinto mule foal customized from the Breyer Proud Arabian Foal; created 2006.

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