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ennifer Kistler, of Jennifer Kistler Studios, may be best known in the hobby for her fabulous tack, with all it's attention to detail. But she has released two resins, customized a number of horses, and does bead work in her spare time.

Her passion for art and creating things by hand has been lifelong, starting with drawing horses and trying many crafts as a child. Jennifer has been involved in the model horse hobby since 1984. When she learned that people made their own scale miniature saddles and altered the mass-produced plastic horses with new paintjobs, she had to try it! She has worked on improving her saddles and tack for many years since. And customizing plastic model horses eventually lead her to do her own sculptures from scratch, which she really enjoys.

Jennifer has a Bachelor degree in Economics (with a minor in art). She has been married to Craig Kistler since 1993, and they have two children, Andrew and Steven. The kids keep her quite busy.

As an adult Jennifer began to realize her life-long dream to ride. Currently she is riding a little at a nearby barn, and hopes to havehermy own horse again in the next year or two. She is fascinated by the elegant art in motion that is achieved with good dressage training. Someday she hopes to own an Andalusian, and dreams of working her way through the levels so she can do Grand Prix level dressage performances. She admires the beauty and strength of the horse above all other God's creatures. She especially appreciates the relationship between humans and horses, which often influences her choices in creating equine art.

You can check out her web site here, her etsy shop, her Cafe Press store, her blog, or contact Jennifer by email.

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Customized Models


Photo credits:

Top: Tsunami headstudy, Created in 2004.

Middle: But Seriously: Chestnut blanket appaloosa filly customized from the Breyer Stablemate scratching foal; created 2003.

Bottom: Laced reins: Close up; Newmarket tan, traditional scale; created 2002.

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