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ainelle Kinsel stumbled upon the Model Horse Gallery in 2002 while learning how to use the Internet when she went back to school. Dainelle has been collecting HSOs as long as she can remember, and like many others, she had the most fantastic feeling once she found out there were other like her! Dainelle's collection as of January 2006 consists of almost 2,000 pieces of many makes and scales. Her favorites are the SMs, MMs, and smaller! She enjoys collecting the horses, talking to other collectors on the Model Horse Blab (whoo hoo!) and making the pilgrimage to the Horse Park about every other year for Breyerfest.

In the last year or so Dainelle attempted to paint any horses and some of her results are pictured below. She paints by hand as she does not own an airbrush. Dainelle has learned that solid-colored horses really are tough to paint! To date, she has only repainted one Traditional, and he is shown below. Dainelle does not take orders but only paints horses for herself. She doesn't feel that she has evolved enough in painting to sell her work.

Dainelle does, however, run her own photography business. She has photographed horses in five states and continue to work throughout the tri-state area. She also "does" the 4-H photos for our county fair here. 2006 will be her fourth year!

Dainelle Kinsel
171 Spring St. #18
Batavia OH 45103

The Kinsel Gallery

Unnamed chestnut drafter
Chestnut draft gelding customized from an Ertl drafter, SM size.

Chestnut flaxen Comtois stallion customized from a Ertl SM drafter. Dainelle comments: My favorite to date. He is painted from more than a dozen photos (most found online) of real Comtois draft horses.

Danni's Golden Son
Dun tobiano Paint stallion, customized from the Breyer Adios. Dainelle comments: Yes, I know he has thick legs, but I have seen similar in photos of senior stallions. While I was working on this guy I had in mind the older "bulldog" style of western horse.

Sunny Girl
Palomino tobiano Paint filly, customized from the Hartland 5" (LB scale) nursing foal. Dainelle comments: Once you get right down to it, I have to admit I love the stylization of the Hartlands, even if other collectors think I am crazy! I love her little pursed lips and swinging tail.

Appaloosa filly customized from the Breyer SM lying foal.

Alrite Already
Bay varnish appaloosa gelding customized from a Creata walking stock horse.

Dun mule customized from the Breyer SM mule.

Sweet Jenny
Grey dun Zebrass jenny customized from the Hartland, "farm donkey". Dainelle comments: There is a little bit of a story behind her if you are interested. We visited a "children's zoo" in Indiana where they had the prettiest Zebrass jenny I have ever seen. She was so meek and mild and I fell in love with her. To make a long story short, everyone would have spoke up when they heard our "guide" going on about how this little hybrid was a "freak of nature" and how she had to be chased through the paddock with a pitchfork because she was "mean." Oh how my blood boiled! I had to let the entire group know that Zebra hybrids were first bred by the Romans, etc. etc. and that their personalities would often depend on their parentage. The entire time this poor kid looks like he is going to just die of embarassment. Little Jenny is standing there with her wonderfully long ears out to the sides with her muzzle in my husband's hand, asleep. Mean indeed! (I also said that if I saw any evidence of abuse I would call the humane society. That place is no longer in business in Indiana, so maybe I wasn't alone in my feelings that day.) Anyway, this little zebrass is my attempt at recreating the gentle little hybrid. The only difference is that the real Jenny is more yellow/peach dun than my CM, which I painted grey dun

New Dynasty
Bay sabino/rabicano Thoroughbred stallion customized from the Breyer SM Native Dancer. Dainelle comments: One of the very first repaints I did from photographs of real horses. His wild color is based on a combination of about three real TBs.

Bay Thoroughbred customized from the Creata MM TB. Dainelle comments: He has multiple layers of colors on him that a photo simply doesn't reveal. I had to paint his eyes with the tiny pointed end of a toothpick!

Amethyst Oberon
Zebra/purple unicorn, customized from the Stone Chips Morgan. Dainelle comments: Created just for fun, and the most CM work I have put into any model. I had an extra jade green PS Chips Morgan, and well--he turned into this wildly-marked Unicorn stallion. Feathers, horn, beard, and extra mane added. I only wish I could have carved his hooves

Samhain Shadow
Copper, grape, purple unicorn stallion customized from the Breyer LB unicorn. Dainelle comments: Something a little different!

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