orgen Kilbourn first started customizing as a pre-teen after reading a Breyer Just About Horses (JAH) article about it back in the early 80’s. From that point on no new Breyer plastic body was safe. She photo showed primarily back then however she had to borrow tack from friends. Morgen possesses no tack making skills what so ever.

Artistically, Morgen had always hoped to sculpt horses however she had several somewhat disheartening experiences with kiln-fired clay sculptures breaking and moved into illustration and eventually graphic and web design for quite some time. Most of it commission portraits or illustarations however eventually she worked as a corporate designer for quite a few years in a genomics company. Years later returning to hobby work because the lower cost of silicon production molds drew her attention. The internet started to become flooded with discussions about curing expoxies and her interest was piqued with the flourish of home-cast resins that clearly meant mold-making had gotten easier for the individual to manage. Once she discovered Apoxie Sculpt (a more permanent media that worked like clay but didn’t require molding that destroyed the original or firing), she bought 60lbs and began sculpting all sorts of things. A very hands on sculptor she preferred the ability to carry around the work easily and study it from various angles… as well as delighting in using hammers and saws to make modifications (nevermind minute dremel work).

Since her first discovery of this media in 2002, she’s released 8 resin casts as of 2008. Preferring to capture horses with expression.. she’s toned down her characterized animated horses of her drawing style to delve further into refined detailing and striving for technical accuracy that’s more suited to the hobby showing venue.

Painting has always been something where Morgen preferred oils for since her childhood. Growing up in an artistic family with art teachers (father and grandfather) left her with a wonderful supply of the media for her customs (of course the family would have preferred to see her canvas painting more). ;)  Today she uses a variety of mixed media with the emphasis still on oils to achieve more glow to the coats. Her finish and sculpture work has earned hobby championships all around the country and at NAMHSA Nationals (NAN).

Morgen has a small boarding farm and works for a hospital’s therapeutic riding program (poop cleaning, as she's not certified to work with the disabled in any way).

Morgen Kilbourn’s website is and her blog (where topics range from rambling thoughts to actual studio work), is at .

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Above: Headstudy, ceramic Deputed Duke.


The Gina Anderson Gallery


The Kilbourn Gallery

Artist Resins


Baby Sondae

Deputed Duke

Dinky Duke (SM scale of Deputed Duke)

El Embosco

Bitty Bosco (SM scale of El Embosco)







Little Man Mango


Bravo - medallion 2010

Serendipity - medallion 2010

Ceramic releases

Deputed Duke

Customized pieces

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