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icki Keeling has been an equine artist nearly from the day she was born! She's been sculpting since age 5, began repainting Breyers in the early 1960's, became a professional horse portrait artist at age 14, and began sculpting and casting in bronze professionally in 1983.

Today, Vicki lives in Duvall, Washington with her husband, where she works as a fulltime artist. She has two Arabian geldings, and assorted pets. Vicki has an identical twin sister, Debbi LerMond, who is also an artist and collaborated on a number of Vicki's earlier pieces which are labeled throughout this gallery.

Vicki was introduced to the model horse hobby when a collector had the bronze, The Show Stopper, commissioned; this later became the popular resin, King's Ransom.

Vicki has produced many wonderful pieces including a number of Traditional-sized Arabians, an Arabian family in Classic scale, and other Classic-scale Arabians; new pieces are being added to her line on a regular basis.

Vicki now has her own web page! Please make sure to visit her Hallelujah Bronze Art Gallery. If you would like to get in touch with Vicki, you can email her by clicking on her highlighted name.

The Keeling Gallery


The Desert Legacy Collection

King's Ransom

Pharaoh's Pride

Queen's Treasure

The Show Stopper

Other Arabians

Summer Breeze

Head Busts

Other Sculptures

Photo Credits

Top: A photo of Desert Gold, clicking on this picture will show you what I consider to be the finest romantic image of a model horse ever done! I believe the photograph was taken at Arches National Park, and it's no surprise the image came out so spectacularly!

Bottom: King's Ransom in dapple rose grey, customized by Sarah Minkiewicz.

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