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esli Kathman is our hobby's most famous "mini" artist! When she began customizing years ago, she started with Stablemates and fell in love with their size, the individual molds, and the challenge each one presented. After a while, she began combining molds for new looks and has created many, many different breeds from this assortment. She also enjoys customizing Hagen-Renaker minis (Stablemates were originally Hagen-Renakers!), and though it's unusual for her, she's worked with larger molds as well.

One of the most intriguing aspects to Lesli's workmanship is her use of mixed-media. She "paints" in colored pencils, pastels, and also, extremely thinned-down acrylics, which she lays down in many, many micro layers for a finished result that is deep and multi-hued. Her models cannot be truly appreciated except in person, as photographs take away the depth and fine detail that is found in each of her lovely creations.

As the new century continued, Lesli expanded her skill set into the ceramic realm.

If you would like to get in touch with Lesli, you may email her by clicking on her highlighted name, check out her blog, join her Yahoo Group, or visit her etsy shop.

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Photo credits:

Top: Alan's Magic Mix, dapple grey Percheron gelding customized from the Breyer Stablemate Drafter and owned by Karen Beeson; created in 1994

Middle: Khara Mia, chestnut tobiano Arapinto mare customized from the Breyer Stablemate Morgan Mare and owned by Cheri Stewart; created in 1989

, a blue roan semi-leopard Appaloosa stallion customized from the Breyer Traditional Adios and owned by Mindy Binkley
Bottom: Briar Rose, an original sculpture in a limited edition of 15

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