Dorothy Kindell Ceramic Studios of Corona Del Mar/Laguna Beach, California

A California potter known for her female nudes and rather racy figural pieces for their times (1940-50’s) Along with her figural and tableware pieces she made several whimsical horse figures in various poses. Most are easily identifiable by their trademark chocolate brown glaze and white manes and tails. Information provided by Kathy Williams.

Update 7/05: Web site for enthusiasts of Dorothy Kindell's work.

Photo credit: left, page advertisement for company; image provided by Melodie Dowell.

Various horses
Photo provided by Kathy Williams.

Various horses
Photo provided by Kathy Williams.

Standing Palomino horse
Ceramic Mare from the 1940s or 50s. About traditional size. Owned and photos by Melodie Dowell.


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