This company makes hard rubber model horses that have plastic fiber manes and tails that can be brushed. Aimed towards children, Julips are usually sold in sets that include jumps or a stable, fences, or other things for kids to play with along with the models. Inexpensive in England, they are pricey in the United States due to importation costs.

Keren GM reports: Lavender Dower, who founded Julip Models in London in 1947, died in February 2004.

Photo Credits: Appaloosa Family: Photo provided by Julip Horses of England.

Laura Bond provides a link to the Julip Archive (managed by Elli Garnett) shares this information about the company: "Hello, some info on Julip models for you. There are 2 types of Julips, the Horse of the Year range which is the "toy" range and was started in 1989, first made of solid rubber and now from solid plastic, and has a range of accessories, stables, riders etc available also. This is the range aimed mainly at children. And the originals which are the handmade latex models and have been made since the 1950s, first with natural fibre manes and tails and now with synthetic hair. Originals animals are also made (dogs, cats and a fox; also there used to be doves but these are no longer made; donkeys and donkey foals also used to be made but no longer are). There also used to be a variety of handmade child and adult riders in various styles (including a huntsman, sidesaddle rider and eventing rider) and accessories such as sidesaddles, harness, pony carts/traps, a hay wagon and a gypsy caravan made in previous decades (most examples tend to date from the 1970s) but these are sadly no longer made either. Originals are made in a variety of different moulds. There used to be many more types and breed of horse and pony available but now the range on offer is less varied, as many of the moulds have worn out and become unusable. Oh and I'd like to point out that this statement "Inexpensive in England, they are pricey in the United States due to importation costs" isn't exactly true. The HOTYs are fairly pricy for what they are (i.e., mass produced models, especially when compared to similar sized models like classic Breyers) but the originals especially are quite expensive new (around £45-50, whilst vintage ones have been regularly making well over £100 and even up to £250 on ebay lately. Also the originals are not really aimed at children, both because of the price and because they are classed as dolls house accessories and not suitable for under 14s due to the wire in their legs to enable them to be posed. Most originals collectors are older children or adults, especially the collectors of the vintage models. Oh and the first Julip horses were handmade from chamois leather in the mid to late 1940s before the latex models replaced them." Thanks, Laura.

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