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  hris Jolly, whose studio name is Jahlee Designs, entered the hobby in 1992, and her voracious appetite to customize, paint and sculpt has caught the attention and delight of many a collector. Obviously a quick study, her models have gotten better and better with every new creation, surprising and thrilling all of us who have been admiring her pieces from the sidelines. Chris paints in acrylics, and enjoys creating detailed epoxy manes and tails in her models, as well as putting as much expression and character into each equine face. She is constantly challenging herself to go one step further, and all of her work shows in the lovely pieces you will see in the following gallery.

If you would like to get in touch with Chris, her email and regular mail address are below:

Chris Jolly
PO Box 782
McKenna, WA 98558-0782

Yahoo discussion group

Spring 2010: Contrary to rumors, Chris is actively painting and creating.

The Jolly Gallery 


China figures

Customized Models

Evolution of a paint job

Other Flat work

Photo Credits
Headstudy, Chestnut sabino Arabian mare, customized from the Stacey Tumlinson mini Ziryab, created in 2007.

Resin upper: WBP Ilaria, WBP Baby Doctor Bill, WBP Nurse Ratchett, Left to right, trio of Stablemate-scale foals sculpted by Chris Jolly.

Resin middle: WBP Capt Jack Sparrow, Miniature Stallion Blue Roan Split-blanket Appy.

Resin lower: WBP Rahan Onm'i, Headstudy, Artist Proof #1, created 2006.

China: WBP Loco Motion, China version released by Horsing Around.

Customized upper: Nooksak. Prototype for 2005 Peter Stone Signature Series.

Customized bottom: WBP Little Sir Echo, bay Miniature Horse customized from the Breyer Classic Merrilegs by Chris Jolly and owned by Kathy Wiggins.

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