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ariah Hjerppe is another one of our foreign and fabulous artists, hailing from the beautiful country of Sweden. She has been involved in the hobby since she was ten years old (1985) after seeing an article about model horses in a Swedish publication; however, her father, who travels extensively, began giving her Breyers at the tender age of three! Mariah was one of the founders of the Swedish Model Horse Society, and is a licensed Arabian (model) judge!

Mariah began customizing at in 1986 and paints with airbrushed acrylics, though she sometimes paints in oils as well. Mariah used to do drastic remaking and use Breyers as armatures but increasing health problems due to her involvement in customizing has unfortunately caused her to cut back on this dramatically. Arabians are the love of her life, so it's easy to see why she's created so many models of this breed. She also loves Saddlebreds, Paints and drafts as well, and hopes to create more models of these and other breeds in the future. Upcoming plans also include a resin or two.

Mariah is also the proud owner of a Saluki dog, and is a licensed ring steward and participates in dog shows from time to time. She is interested in fine arts--music, painting, literature--and enjoys spending time with her friends, wining and dining, and surfing the web.

Mariah spent a year in the United States (1988-1989), and is very fluent in English, so don't be shy about writing! If you would like to get in touch with Mariah, her email and snail mail addresses are below:

Kalaa Studios
Mariah Hjerppe
Sibeliusgangen 46
S-162 72 Kista

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Top: Kalaa's Desert Rose, flea-bitten grey Arabian mare customized from the Breyer Classic Shetan and owned by Rachel Jackson; created in 1992
Bottom: Krasivii, Dapple buckskin Akhal Teke stallion customized from the Sarah Rose "Khan" resin. Created in 2001.

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