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arol Herden is an artist who was not very well known until recently, but is lately enjoying great popularity due to her gift for sculpting realistic livestock. Although has done a number of wonderful horses and other equines, her specialty is doing cattle of all types, as well as other livestock "props." She prefers to sculpt her pieces and offers them in resin, either painted in airbrush or unpainted. Her talent for creating cattle of all types is unmatched within our hobby, and as we've been needing an artist who concentrates on creating bovines and other livestock for our performance entries, and I've heard she's selling her many molds like hotcakes!

If you would like to get in touch with Carol, her email and snail mail addresses are below:

Carol's Original Works
Carol Herden
5810 Hwy 9
Ocheyedan IA 51354

Photo Credit:
Go Dog, Go
, Stock Horse Stallion in dapple liver chestnut owned by Kim Janes-David

Stock Horse Stallion in Dapple Grey
Shown as "Zan Partender," Quarter Horse stallion owned by Nadia Verleger

Molly Mule

John Mule

Draft Mule
31/250. He is a chestnut Draft Mule gelding. He is shown as 'Henry' - owned and photo by Elaine Hagget

Beef Bull
Red chestnut

Longhorn Bull
Brown and white spotted

Longhorn Steer in Spotted Brindle
Customized from the Herden Longhorn resin and auctioned off at the 1997 NAMHSA Auction

Brahman Bull

Trotting Heifer
Red chestnut Hereford

Walking Heifer
Red chestnut Hereford

Standing Heifer
Red chestnut Hereford

1/16 Scale Cow
Red chestnut Hereford

Heifer Cutting Left
Black with white face

Calves in Black, Chestnut and Black
Auctioned off at the 1997 NAMSHA Auction

Mexican Roping Steer
Black and white spotted

Chestnut, Traditional scale

Fox & Hound Set
Traditional scale

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