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olleen Hartshorn has been involved in our hobby for many years and was once a subscriber to infamous Model Horse Showers Journal (I think that was in circulation back in 1983 or thereabouts)! She dropped out of the hobby for college but joined in again when she met a lady selling Breyers at a flea market back in 1993. She went to her first live show in 1994 (Breyer Roundup at Payallup, Washington), where she saw a customized model, and she was instantly hooked. Since she's drawn and painted horses all of her life, switching over to models seemed natural to her, and she's been having a wonderful time learning all of the skills involved. In order to improve even more, Colleen has attended customizing clinics by Sarah Minkiewicz and Lynn Fraley; in 1996, she learned how to airbrush in from reading an article by Karen Gerhardt, and is very excited about the results she's been getting.

Colleen enjoys customizing all breeds and loves the challenges each model brings to her. She hopes to be working on her first sculpture by the end of the year, and is being urged on by her good friend and sculpter, Gina Anderson.

Her stable name is an indicator of her life these days, No Tyme Stables; inbetween her hobby endeavors, Colleen is married and is the mother to three little ones, two dogs, a cat, and a horse!

If you would like to get in touch with Colleen, you can contact her by email by clicking on her highlighted name, or by writing to her address below:

Colleen Hartshorn
1819 Birch Avenue
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 746-7397

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Photo credits:

Top: NTS Fresh Paint, golden bay Paint gelding customized from the BHR Western Pleasure Horse resin and owned by Colleen Hartshorn; created in 1996. This gelding is currently for sale; if interested, please contact Colleen by email

Bottom: NTS Major Comment, alomino Morgan stallion customized from the Breyer Classic Arabian Stallion and owned by Colleen Hartshorn; created in 1997

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