Often referred to as "H-R", this company manufactured a line of large china horses prior to 1985. Presently, H-R only sells their smaller horses (1" to 3" in height), and some a bit large (special runs, specialties), so the older large chinas are very valuable and often sell for hundreds of dollars. Sadly, because chinas are so fragile, it's becoming harder and harder to find these delicate beauties, but interestingly enough, well-repaired broken H-Rs are still considered valuable because of their great popularity.

Almost all of Hagen-Renaker's horses were sculpted by Maureen Love. Tom Masterson sculpted several, and recently Bob McGinness sculpted at least one.

Company website.

There was a fabulous book published circa 1990 by Gayle Roller and Joan Berkwitz that described the company and the many horses produced, but it's only available on the secondary market (if you can find a collector willing to part with their well worn and dog eared copy ;-). Gayle has a later version of the book available (see the HR website, collector information).

Photo Credits:
Sespe Violette in chestnut, owned by Mindy Binkley
Below Top: Mini Seabiscuit in grey, 3" tall; this was a 200-piece, 1995 Special Run for Jenny Palmer's Hagen Renaker Collector's Club. Photo provided by Renee Mareska
Below Bottom: Mini Prancing Arabian in rose grey, present owner unknown, was shown as "Autumn's Sur-Hassan;" photo provided by Renee Mareska

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