Hutschenreuther has been located in Hohenberg (Germany - Bavaria) from 1814 to the present.

 This factory was founded by Carl Magnus Hutschenreuther, a porcelain painter previously working at the Wallendorf factory. After his death in 1845 the factory was managed by his widow, Frau Johanna Hutschenreuther and sons. From 1860 they produced luxurious and gilded porcelains with careful hand painting. A large part of the works was destroyed by fire in 1848 but rebuilt. The firm of L. Hutschenreuther at Selb Bavaria was founded by Carl's sons Lorenz and Christian around 1856. In the early part of the 20th century, Hutschenreuther grew quickly by absorbing factories at Altrohlau (1909), Arzburg (1918) and Tirschenreuth (1927). The branches of the company were united in 1969. Hutschenreuther produced many animal figurines, including horses. Their most famous horse figurine sculptors were Professor Paul Scheurich, M.H. Fritz, W. Stefan, Karl Werner, Hans Achtziger, Gunther Granget and Karl Tutter.

Rosenthal Porcelain acquired the firm of Hutschenreuther in 2000. Rosenthal continues to produce and sell the Hutschenreuther line and continues to use the Hutschenreuther mark.

Rosenthal (Hutschenreuther) website: http://www.int.rosenthal.de/60R4-4-02803-738018/Horses.htm

Thanks to Kathy Williams for providing the above information.

Above Left: Rearing foal in dapple chestnut; photo provided by Teresa Rogers-Worrall

Leaping foal
Leaping foal. 8252 on base. Owned/photo by Laurel Dedes

Leaping foal in grey
He is about 7 3/4" tall. Photo by Melodie Dowell.

Leaping foal
Leaping foal in chestnut by Atchziger. Photo by Pauline Entin.

Mare and Foal
By Atchziger. Photo provided by Pauline Entin.

Standing Foal
This is an older model of the Hutchenreuther foal, standing. There was just something different about the older ones. They're finer and more detailed. This little guy stands 5 1/2" tall. About 5" long. Images by Melodie Dowell.

Rearing Foal
This is an older Hutschenreuther foal rearing. He stands 6 3/8" tall and is about 5" long. Images by Melodie Dowell.

Rearing Foal in chestnut
Image provided by Cindy Neuhaus.

Rearing dapple grey stallion
12.5" tall dapple gray rearing stallion, signed K. Tutter. Owned by Tiffany Tran.

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