Homco is a division of Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc., and thier porcelains are called Masterpiece Porcelains. Their current line includes a horse not shown here, deer, doves, people (religious and Victorian), Siberian tigers, Bald eagles, and florals. The age of the company is unknown but it's been around from at least 1982, where an ad for a foal was seen in the Model Horse Trader by Lynn Weber. The parent company, Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc., has been around 40 years, Homco is probably a pretty old business. Originally made in the United States, the family who made the figurines moved to Mexico and Homco moved with them.

Above: Shown as "Harmony," Morgan filly owned by Barri Mayse

Lying Mare & Foal in Chestnut
This pair comes as one inseparable piece measuring 8" tall by 14" long; the notation "(c) 1991 8799" is molded on the underside, which is also felt-covered and sports a large white "Made in U.S.A." sticker. Photographed and owned by Jennifer L. Barnas

The Champion
8.5"; photo scanned in from a Home Interiors ^ Gifts, Inc. catalog

The Champion
Bay rearing horse, small to medium Classic scale. Shown as "Diva", Lipizzaner mare, owned by Meredith McFadden.

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