This German company is sometimes known as the Hertwig-Katzchutte company. Company ceased production in 2002 . (Katzchutte means cat house in German.) Company started back in 1869 in Thuringia, Germany.

Left: Hertwig-Katzchutte company hallmarks. Image provided by Kathy Williams. Eras of hallmarks: 1, 2, and 3 - approximately 1914 to circa 1945. 4 - approximately 1932 to circa 1945. 5 and 6 - approximately 1941-1960/1961. 7 - later hallmark.

Standing bay prancing stallion
3.5". Image provided by Cynthia Gardner.

Large bay prancing stallion
Stands 12" tall, on base. Owned by Lori Critchfield.

Large black standing stallion
Stands 9.75" tall. Owned by Lori Critchfield.

Small bay draft mare
Stands 5.5" tall. Owned by Lori Critchfield.

Braced bay foal
Image provided by Melodie Dowell who comments: Probably a copy of Beswick's Comical Foal or maybe the other way around. I don't know which came first. Beswick or Hertwig. Beswick's Comical Foal was made in 1939. I don't know about Hertwig.

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