This Hungarian company produces some ceramic pieces celebrating the Hungarian Heritage with horses. From the company's website:

Near Middle Europe's largest lake, in a romantic natural environment among the slopes of the Bakony Mountain, the world's largest porcelain manufactory has been operating for over 180 years relying on its extensive, well-established knowledge. The company that started in 1826 as a factory with just a few employees, and having become a favoured brand among rulers, famous historical personages, leading businessmen and artists alike, is now a renowned major company known in almost every country of the world, it being a true 'Hungaricum': part of the Hungarian Heritage.

Herend is a Hungarian company. The horse handlers in many pieces are wearing traditional Magyar costume. The same molds have been used for a very long time. The earlier pieces were more detailed and often museum quality. But newer castings, using the same original molds, have lost most of the detail and the hand painting does not live up to the earlier models..

Left: Herend porcelain figure of a man leading a horse; marked with impressed "Herend", "5588" and with blue mark; 7 3/4" tall, 8" long. Image provided by Melodie Dowell.

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