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ollean Gouyton lives in Juneau, Alaska, and turned 30 years old in July 2006. She started collecting Breyers when she was 7 years old and has never stopped. (As of June 2006, her collection numbers over 4,000 and includes Breyers, Hartlands, Peter Stone's, Hagen-Renakers, Stable Stars, Micro Mini's,and just about anything with 4 legs and a tail.)

Kollean starting getting into other aspecs of the hobby in about 1996 when she logged onto her computer, typed "Breyer Model Horses" on a search engine, and discovered the World of Model Collecting. Until that point she had no idea the hobby was so huge. She created her White Wolf Stables, later renaming it to Stone Wolf Studios to avoid confusioin with a RPG company, and immersed herself in every aspect of the hobby--collecting, customizing, making tack, photo and live showing; she is also deeply involved in pedigree assignment and has a list of over 1000 horses.

Though Kollean doesn't have a horse, she has a very sweet cat named Stupid (courtesy of the Ex AKA Grenade; who is not allowed into her work room!) She also has a new cat who she rescued from the neighbors when they moved out of town, he's a big ball of orange hair named "Skittles"; a Chihuahua Service Dog "Sarah" (TNT KGs Lil Sarafina Doll) who detects Seizures, Heart Attcks, Strokes, Low Blood Sugar and things like that. And she's on a list to rescue a chihuahua when one comes available.

Kollean dreamed of owning a horse for many years and spent many hours mucking out stalls for the chance of working with the real thing. However, due to physical limitations, she has settled on collecting models instead.

Kollean is painting resins for "Resins By Randy" and for Aelwyd Studios, and is willing to paint for anyone else who wants to trade her resins for paintjobs. She does still make some LSQ tack, but mostly for her own use in photography. Occasionaly she might have a few pieces to sell on the MH$P

Studio: Stone Wolf Creations
e-mail: StoneWolf99801@yahoo.com
Yahoo Annoucenment Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StoneWolfCreations/
MH$P: http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/sales/searchlist.asp?Accid=6534

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Photo credits:

Top: KGs Devil's Advocate, Freisan stallion customized from the Kathleen Moody "Jarich" resin; created 2007, owned by Kollean Gouyton.

Middle: KGs Copper Frosty.Fleabitten Mustang Mare; customized from the Breyer Mesteño Dam; created 2007.

Middle: KGs Laguna Azul, headstudy. Blue roan Paso Fino Mare; customized from the Breyer Paso Fino; created 2007.

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